Asia Minor 2010

In the Fall of 2010, we decided to visit Turkey as part of a tour group. We traveled independently for some time so the concept of being in a tour group did not hold great appeal for us. However we were both fans of Rick Steves and appreciated his travel philosophy. Since we had never been to Turkey and there was so much that we wanted to see, Turkey provided a good opportunity to find out what a Rick Steves tour was like.  We were not disappointed.

Our journal entries from that adventure are below.

Destination Updates
As our departure date nears, our destination seems to figure more and more in the news.
Testing the Compression Straps
We have the requirement to pack only a carry-on bag. To my surprise, it seems to be fitting.
Auspicious Beginnings
Nothing can kill the spirit of adventure like departing from Terminal 5 at Chicago O'Hare.
Accidentally in Asia
To say that we ended up in Asia "accidentally" implies we had another clear, identified destination.
European Capital of Culture
Sore feet today from two days of involved walking.